Disaster/Risk Management

Globally, governments, municipalities, companies and individuals are giving more attention to their vulnerability to disaster and various types of risk.

These risks include physical, environmental and socio-economic vulnerabilities that impact the viability, and the functionality and resiliency of ecosystems, infrastructure, industry, governing systems and ultimately, the communities that depend on them. 

The threat of natural disasters and changing environmental conditions caused by climate change are pressing challenges that require preparation, adaptation and strategic response. With this goal, Cardno’s professionals work as a team to identify and evaluate risk and then, develop contingency plans and mitigation strategies accordingly. In addition to climate change preparation and adaptation, Cardno works with public and private clients to evaluate risk specific to the given industry, project or environment.

Our multidisciplinary focus on energy, infrastructure and civil engineering, water and natural resource management, coupled with ecosystem restoration capacities. We have experience supporting in instances of oil and chemical spills in various types of environments, reducing the liabilities and impacts associated with these accidents, and utilizing our understanding of the operational aspects, local social and environmental conditions, and applicable regulations within the following subsectors.