At Cardno, Safety Comes First

At Cardno, safety is one of four fundamental values that guides our way of conducting business and implementing our work. As we provide social, environmental and engineering services in Latin America, we frequently work in rural, remote areas with specialized equipment, and often with limited access to communication and infrastructure, such as proper roads, hospitals, or police stations.

For these reasons, it is especially important that we work alongside our clients to treat safety as a priority, which entails implementing specialized procedures and training courses, among other things, that will enable us to create a safe environment for our people, clients and the communities where we work.

How does Cardno promote safety?

Cardno puts our safety, and that of others, first by following and promoting all safety procedures, policies and legal requirements in line with our Zero Harm program. This means:

  • Completing all required training as soon as possible, whether the training is required by Cardno or by our clients.
  • Being ‘fit’ for work and advising our manager or supervisor if we suspect or know that either ourselves or a colleague is unfit for work. This also means wearing the proper attire and safety gear.
  • Being medically fit for the duties we need to perform, which may involve getting the proper vaccines and medical checkup. Where we sustain a medical condition or injury or have been prescribed medication that may impair our ability to safely and effectively perform our duties, we must advise our manager immediately.
  • Not consuming alcohol or illicit drugs at the workplace or presenting for work while under the influence of alcohol.
  • Complying with client policies relating to alcohol and drugs; and acknowledging that certain sites may include the requirements to undergo mandatory drug and alcohol testing.

Safety is not only a valuable while conducting field work. In Cardno Latin America, we also take care to have proper safety measures and procedures in place for our day to day activities, and in case of contingencies at our office locations.

Cardno Latin America conducts an emergency drill at the Quito offices.

At Cardno, we lead by example and encourage others to treat safety as a priority. Safety comes before economic consideration at all times and we are deeply committed to Zero Harm Every Job, Every Day – for our people, clients and communities.

Cardno Latin America staff participates in the First Aid Training that’s required every two years.

Our project technicians, Ana Belen Zambrano and Andrey Gallegos, take part in the First Aid in Remote Areas course, as required by our mining client.

Our Field Technician, Jorge Vasquez, does a course on Handling Horses and Mules, as required by our mining client.

Our Field Technician, Juan Columba, receives a certificate for completing the First Aid in Remote Areas course, as required by our mining client.