Safety, Health and Environment in the Oil and Gas Industries

The first workshop organized by the Latin American Drilling Safety Association (LADS), “Introduction to Safety, Health and Environment in the Oil and Gas Industries,” took place this past April at the Central University of Ecuador campus in Quito.
The event received the support and sponsorship of outstanding oil companies and service providers for the hydrocarbon sector, such as: Halliburton, Repsol, Shushufindi Consortium, Tuscany, Schlumberger, Tecpetrol, Sertecpet, Orion Energy and Baker Hughes. It also counted with the participation of students and faculty members from the School of Geology, Mining, Oil and Environmental Engineering from the Central University of Ecuador.

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Cardno Entrix Supports Amazon Communities

In collaboration with our clients— the Shushufindi Consortium, Petroamazonas EP and Schlumberger— Cardno Entrix contributed towards improving young students’ education in the Dayuma community of the Ecuadorean Amazon region. Through our clients, Cardno donated computer equipment and furniture benefiting the Dayuma Educational Unit, San Miguel Basic Education Public School, and the Jose Maria Egas School, among others.

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Reintroduction of Rescued Species

Cardno Latin America’s America’s commitment to the responsible management of Ecuadorian flora and fauna, and the preservation of biodiversity, has led the team to work with a multidisciplinary group of professionals in the rescue and relocation of species threatened by the development of projects with extensive impact on their ecosystems. This initiative has been in place since December 2016.

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Crustaceans and Mollusks Monitoring

In 2016, Cardno ENTRIX completed the Environmental Impact Study and Environmental Management Plan for the Development, Construction, and Maintenance of the Facilities; Dredging, Navigation Channel; and the Operation of the Public Deep Water Port located in the Guayas province, near Guayaquil, in Posorja. This strategic development project undertakes international standards in operations and sustainability, and as such, seeks to conserve the local mangrove ecosystems, among others.

Aligned with this goal, Cardno ENTRIX conducted the biotic monitoring of crustaceans and mollusks in the mangrove areas near the port’s building site in December 2018. This monitoring project complies with the Environmental Management Plan and the terms of the project’s environmental license, as well as analyzes the populations of existing crustaceans and mollusks in the area.

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Mangrove Forestation Project Progress

In 2017, Cardno Latin America began its collaboration in a Mangrove Forestation Project, led by the CALISUR Foundation, in the Puná Island in the Ecuadorian coast. As a forestation effort, the project consists in gradually planting 100,000 red mangroves seedlings (Rhizophora sp.) in 65 hectares of sand and mud embankments, where mangroves did not previously grow. Through this forestation, the previously barren area is being adapted to create, or add to, the mangrove ecosystem near the fishing commune, Zapote. The people of the Zapote commune, and from other communities, do not only stand to gain from this new mangrove area as it matures, but are currently involved in the seed collection, nursery maintenance, planting process and care of the area, increasing their capacity and environmental awareness.

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