At Cardno, Safety Comes First

At Cardno, safety is one of four fundamental values that guides our way of conducting business and implementing our work. As we provide social, environmental and engineering services in Latin America, we frequently work in rural, remote areas with specialized equipment, and often with limited access to communication and infrastructure, such as proper roads, hospitals, or police stations.

For these reasons, it is especially important that we work alongside our clients to treat safety as a priority, which entails implementing specialized procedures and training courses, among other things, that will enable us to create a safe environment for our people, clients and the communities where we work.

How does Cardno promote safety?

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Safety, Health and Environment in the Oil and Gas Industries

The first workshop organized by the Latin American Drilling Safety Association (LADS), “Introduction to Safety, Health and Environment in the Oil and Gas Industries,” took place this past April at the Central University of Ecuador campus in Quito.
The event received the support and sponsorship of outstanding oil companies and service providers for the hydrocarbon sector, such as: Halliburton, Repsol, Shushufindi Consortium, Tuscany, Schlumberger, Tecpetrol, Sertecpet, Orion Energy and Baker Hughes. It also counted with the participation of students and faculty members from the School of Geology, Mining, Oil and Environmental Engineering from the Central University of Ecuador.

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