Anthropologist with a concentration in archaeology
Master’s in Andean Archeology (c)

Ana Belén Zambrano has a master's degree in Andean Archeology (c), and has 12 years of experience in anthropology and archeology. She has also worked in human rights for children in the communities of the central and northern highlands of Ecuador. In addition, Ana Belén has experience identifying cultural heritage areas and in the analysis of sensitive aspects within Ecuadorian territories, and rural and indigenous populations. As an archaeologist registered by the INPC, she has conducted reconnaissance activities and surveys, and created archaeological records for environmental impact studies and environmental management plans in northwestern Ecuador for more than 5 years. As a project technician in Cardno ENTRIX, Ana Belén collaborates in the social component, focusing on archeology and anthropology, she coordinates and executes archaeological activities for projects of reconnaissance, prospecting, monitoring and/or archaeological rescue. These activities include fieldwork, and the subsequent analysis and cataloging of tangible and intangible heritage assets.