Forestry Engineer
Masters of Science in Geo-information and Earth Observation specialized in Land Information for Territory Planning

Bernardo Castedo has more than 7 years of experience carrying out forest inventories and censuses, economic valuations due to the loss of native vegetation cover, and supporting in the rescue of flora species, revegetation and reforestation projects, and the generation of base and thematic cartography using GIS for Environmental Studies for the private and public companies working in oil, mining, electrical and industrial sectors in Ecuador. Bernardo also has more than 5 years of experience in the cultivation of bees, extraction and commercialization of honey and propolis, forest exploitation, studies of wood yield, control and dispatch of wood, biophysical diagnostics and assessment of watershed aptitude, micro propagation and in vitro conservation of forest genetic resources, and nursery management for private companies in the forestry and industrial sector of Bolivia.