Civil Engineer specialized in Structures

Tarquino Caballero is a Civil Engineer specialized in structures, with 35 years of experience in the area of engineering, building construction, industrial plants, aqueducts, gas and oil pipelines, water treatment plants and transmission lines for electricity and communication. As the Director of the Energy and Urban Development at Cardno Engineering, Engr. Caballero is in charge of planning, coordinating, supporting, monitoring and evaluating projects in the fields of hydroelectric power, hydrocarbons, and urban development. The most important projects in which he has participated include: The Design and Construction of the Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline-OCP (2001-2005); Gas Separation Plant GOSP-3; HARADH - Saudi Arabia (2006); and the Khursaniyah Downstream and Upstream Pipelines, Saudi Arabia (2007); and the coordination of hydroelectric projects such as Baba 42MW, Ocaña 26MW, Sopladora 486MW, Minas San Francisco 275MW and Toachi Pilatón 270 MW (2008 to date).